As the Executive Director of Heart To Heart Counseling Center, Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. a licensed psychologist, devotes his time to counseling, lecturing and writing books that enhance both personal and marital relationships. He is also a frequent guest on numerous national radio and television shows including Oprah, Good Morning America, TBN, The 700 Club and many others.

Dr. Doug Weiss’s “tell it like it is” style is both direct, yet compassionate. The Sex, Men & God conferences have been delivered at gathering for men’s breakfasts, men’s retreats and conferences where men experience great personal growth and understanding into their sexuality.  Clean is a powerful men’s conference that equips men to join the battle to maintain sexual purity.  In this conference men will be given tools and biblical principles so they can get started immediately.

Couples attending the Intimacy10 Minute Marriage or The 7 Love Agreements Conference discover how to discuss their desires, learn the importance of marital dating, how to connect with their spouse emotionally, how to let go of your past and much more.

The Best Sex for Men conference includes how to work with your wife’s sexual design, how to know and accept your wife’s sexual personality, what it means to have the bed “undefiled” and creating a sexual agreement that works for sexual harmony.

At the Best Sex for Women conference women discover what the three words every man wants to hear, how to create and maintain sexual desire and techniques to make intimacy more powerful for both of you.

The Ministering to the Sexually Addicted conference will be life changing and rewarding for those that are hurting and also for those that desire to minister to the hurting.

All couple’smen’swomen’s and singles/youth conferences will be encouraging, informative, open and honest. For more information about scheduling a conference with Douglas Weiss, call Heart to Heart Counseling Center at 719-278-3708.

For additional conference information, including available dates, please call our office at 719-278-3708, visit our website at or you may email us at



All testimonials are unsolicited.

Thank you so much for a great conference of relevant topics.  You said in one weekend what we have needed to hear in months of counseling!  God Bless you!  T.L.

It was a great conference in Stephenville on Saturday and I am so happy to have been equipped to talk to my son (now 7) at the right age in the future so that he may know how to handle things he is exposed to in his life as he grows.  The whole program was great and I hope we have you back many times for this program and for others like the marriage seminar.  J.T.

Having just read your incredible “The Final Freedom” for the first time, I feel as though I have found the final missing pieces to the puzzle of my life!!  THANK YOU so much for sharing the truth regarding root causes of/for sex addiction in a way that most anyone can understand.  Thank you again for the outstanding work that Dr. Weiss and his staff are doing…I wish I could have “crossed trails” with you about 25 years sooner.  D.S.

Thank you so much for “The Final Freedom” and the “The 101 Freedom Exercises.”  I just purchased those and I absolutely love both books.  Your writing is so simple and honest, and the book made me feel so hopeful and warm.  Your kind sincerity in the writing is healing in itself.  How I wish this would’ve been available 10 years ago.  C.L.

Thank you for a very exciting talk on 3ABN today-about Internally/Externally Motivated people.  Even though I only watched for the last few minutes, I learned a lot about myself and my husband (the fabulous Externally motivated guy!) N.D.W.

We met briefly last November at your conference in a Naperville, IL church, where your message cut right through me revealing my addictive nature I had denied my entire life.  The LORD is greatly using your work in a time that it is needed more than ever, and I want to thank you personally for what has clearly become your life’s passion.  B.K.

What an incredible way to deliver such a sensitive, “hush hush” topic!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I really enjoyed tonight’s conference.  Today will count as the first day of my sexual sobriety.  Freedom!  B.C.

My wife and I attended one of your seminars here in Oklahoma City at Heartland Community Church and, I would just like to say thanks.  IF someone would have told me a week before my wife and I went to your seminar that it was going to change our marriage so profoundly I would have called them a liar.  My marriage is soooo much better already, I can’t wait for what it will be like in another month or two, or even over the years to come.  I also won your book “Sex, Men and God” as a door prize, what a blessing that was!  Since I am in the Air Force I hear of so many stories of marriages that fail, due to deployments.  Now, I can confidently refer them to your work knowing that if they implement what you teach their marriage can survive anything.  Again, I just wanted to say thanks!  D.K.

I first heard Dr. Weiss speak when he was the speaker for a men’s retreat and Sunday morning service at POWER Centre Church International in Belleville, MI.  I was struck by the candor of Dr. Weiss’ message when he spoke to the congregation and the tremendous impression he made on my father.  Dad could not stop talking about Dr. Weiss, and his significant impact on the men of our congregation.  I strongly believe in the message that Dr. Weiss imparts.  K.A.

After more than thirty years of marriage one would think that there wasn’t anything more to learn about a spouse or marriage.  Not true!  The Doug Weiss conference gave us new insights into each other and new tools to use to enhance our relationship and revitalize our marriage.  Besides that, it was just plain fun!  We’d recommend it to anyone and we’re looking forward to attending again.  J & C 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following the Holy Spirit to build this ministry for men and women who need deliverance and freedom from sexual addictions.  It is a bright ray of hope.  M.F.

I just wanted to thank you for the Promise Keepers conference that you had in Medicine Hat.  In many ways I think my husband being there saved our marriage.  Being told that God is also his Father-in-law I think I made everything hit home.  He has been more helpful and considerate since being at your seminar.  We had gone to counseling and that was going no where.  I was feeling like I didn’t know what to do, I was running out of ideas.  But what was said hit a cord and you wouldn’t recognize us now.  Thanks,  S.

I want to express to your my deep appreciation.  Your class was very well received by the delegates and the information that you shared with them will really enhance their ministries.  You have a very unique ministry with a very select population that is in great need of physical, spiritual, and emotional restoration. When you share your expertise with our people it helps them to be not only better informed, but to be better able to actually conduct specific ministries. I trust that you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoy having you as part of the teaching team. God bless you as you continue to minister for the Lord. E.R.

Dynamic, education, Biblical and challenging.  The conference was very helpful personally to learn how I can make a positive difference in this area of my marriage.  Anonymous

This workshop was above and beyond expectations!  Every woman should hear it.  Anonymous

This has been the best help yet for my marriage.  Thank you Doug for all you have done and are doing!  Anonymous

I wanted to share with you some of the fruit form your time with us!  Feedback from couples has been outstanding!  One woman told me her husband had never prayed with her before–now ten days after ha has not missed a day!  On top of that he has attended worship with her for the past three Sundays!  A first!  A number of other couples have expressed the same sentiment:  They were given practical tools that is helping them grow together!  We are making plans for another conference!  M.F.S. Pastor

We had a blast!!  Doug was just a fabulous communicator.  I had several couples talk to me at church the following day and express their gratitude for brining Doug to Tucson.  Once couple (both husband and wife talking) that we know well told me that Saturday night after the Intimacy session was the best night of their marriage in the last 15 years.  We are so thankful and know that many lives will be changed and that God’s kingdom work in Tucson has been greatly strengthened.  Again, thank you for just a wonderful day.  The four associate pastors that were in attendance were just blown away!!  I have already spoken with our senior pastor who got back from vacation today and he had already heard from two of the pastors how blessed they were and how they were putting to practice the intimacy material in their own marriages.  C.Y.

Just a quick thank you for coming to Northview Church in October 2005.  My wife and I attended, then went to the Sex, Men and God talk and bout your book “Intimacy: A 100 Day Guide to Lasting Relationships.”  We have implemented the sex agreement and date night plus the 2 affirmations, 2 feelings and prayer time.  We are having a better relationship now…than in the past 21 years of marriage.  Thanks Doug,  L.S.

But I believe in giving honor where is due.  I was in you conference at Victory Assembly on October 29 with my husband.  We have a great marriage but we both know there is always room for improvement.  We have always talked to each other.  Thanks for all the tips and advice you gave.  I really like the feelings sheet.  We are going to laminate it and make it a part of our daily routine.  The I LOVE YOU thing is fun because when you say I love you normally, you usually say I love you too.  So saying thank you was kind of funny.  Thanks again for your incredible insight!  You are a true blessing to a hurting world.  J.M.

I live in Didsbury, Alberta Canada and my 23 year old married daughter and I were truly blessed to be able to attend the seminar for women that Dr. Weiss spoke at in the Centre Street Church in Calgary.  I have purchased on of his books and a DVD at Centre Street Church which are so very informative and would like to get the Marriage Improvement Set to share, not only for my husband and I but for my daughter who has been married for a year and my son who is planning to be married in August of 2006.  I thank our Lord for all Douglas Weiss does for Him and also like he said at the seminar, for Pastor Henry who loves his congregation enough to address this very important issue.
First of all, I just wanted to say this ministry is awesome. My husband and I recently attended one of your marriage seminars at our church and we were really blessed. Thanks so much, S.B.

I was at the River of Life Church in Haverhill, MA Saturday night when you spoke to the singles. It was an awesome time. And I was totally pleased with your telling it like it is. I just wanted to thank you for all that you told us. D.J.
I would like to send along a blessing to Dr. Doug as I had the pleasure of sitting in on some of his teachings last fall in Red Deer, AB, Canada. Since that conference I have been blessed with many victories and triumphs in my life, as well as God has moved me to lead a Marketplace prayer meeting every Thursday morning. Thank you for your time, God bless. C.C.

I Thank you God for your ministry!! I cannot tell you how influential and life-changing the ministry of Doug Weiss and Heart to Heart has been to me. My husband and I attended an Intimacy Conference where Dr. Doug was the speaker-we got the Intimacy book and are working thru it now. Both resources were extremely insightful and impactful as well. K.R. 

I was an honor to get to speak with you this past weekend in Indianapolis.  My wife and I drove ninety miles from Danville, IL to hear you speak.  We have only been doing the “Intimacy: A 100 Day Guide to Lasting Relationships” for about three days but I already see a change in both of us.  I am starting to look at sex a lot differently than I used to.  I also purchased your book “Sex, Men and God.”  I am just about half way thru it and God and I have a lot of work to do.  God bless the kingdom work you are doing, I know I have a long way to go but with God’s help my wife and I will make it.  E.H.

My husband and I attended your Intimacy Conference in Phoenix two months ago and I have been compelled to thank you for helping my husband and I by doing what you have been called to do!  My husband is in recovery for sex addiction and we were at a critical crossroad in our marriage and were one step away from divorce before we went to see you speak!  Your conference has changed our marriage for the good and our sex life is better than we could have ever thought possible!  Thank you once again for walking in obedience by sharing with others what the Lord has done for you!  R.D.  

I would like to thank you for the information I have learned form you.  I participated in your conference last month in Indianapolis, IN.  My husband and I are reading your book “Intimacy: A 100 Day Guide To Lasting Relationships” together each night in bed.  We cannot say enough encouraging words to each other.  Instead on negative comments and fault finding, we speak life into each other.  We felt we have a great marriage that needed more nurturing.  We now have the tools (feelings exercises helped) to do this.  D.B.

I want to thank you so much for coming to Austin and coming to Bannockburn.  You were such a blessing to my wife and I personally as well as the over 200 men that you spoke to on Sunday.  Your love and candidness came through loud and clear and I received many wonderful comments as to the message.  One man said that if he had heard this message when he was thirteen, his life would have been completely different.  The pastor himself called it a “homerun.”  This message is changing lives and I couldn’t have been more pleased in the job you did in bringing it to the men of central Texas.  We would love to have you back soon to speak to both the men and women of our community.  Thanks again and if we can ever be of any service to you in the future, please let me know.  D.G