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3 Day Intensives are held every Monday through Wednesday
5 Day Intensives are held every Monday through Friday

Emergency Intensives:  We realize that sometimes you can be in a crisis.  Any of these intensives can be scheduled almost immediately.  Call for details regarding Emergency Intensives with Dr. Weiss or another licensed counselor.

3 Day Intensives: offer real solutions for individuals or couples and are designed specifically for where you are in the recovery process.  You will leave with a plan for success in your recovery as well as opportunities for ongoing support.

5 Day Intensives: are designed for those who may have failed in previous treatment, have significant denial, have not fully disclosed or have psychological issues.  A 5 Day Intensive gives the individual or couple more time to thoroughly get to their causes and solutions.

5 Day Intensive with Brain Optimization: includes all the sessions in a typical 5 Day Intensive plus Brainwave Technology to help balance the brain.  This technology has been found helpful for those with addictions and traumas.  You will participate in therapy plus brain optimization in the morning and afternoon.  A more balanced brain can help anyone in recovery accelerate their process.  This Brain State technology is provided by one of the top ten leading experts in the field.

If you would like to hear what couples are saying about our intensives.  Check out our Testimonials.

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