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Teen Sexual Addict

Today, more and more teens are falling prey to the Internet and sexually inappropriate images and information impacting their lives. The Teen 3-Day Intensive will address the dangers, side effects and solutions for those hooked in this web. This intensive is geared for teens struggling with:

  1. Internet Pornography
  2. Compulsive self-sex
  3. Compulsive sex with others
  4. Fantasy

Each day this intensive will include three sessions of one-on-one counseling, DVD therapy, and assignments. The teen can complete this intensive with a heightened awareness of the threat this behavior can cause in their future. Solutions will be provided to guide them toward a healthier lifestyle.  Many think this problem will eventually go away on this own, but our experience is that it only escalates while devastating future relationships.  Call to schedule your Intensive at (719) 278-3708.

Teen Child of Sexual Addict

Most of us are aware that teens are affected by a parent’s sexual addiction. If you’re adolescent is experiencing symptoms from living with a sexually addicted parent in the past or present there is help. This 3 and 5 Day Intensive can help teens with emotions, pain, anger and the hurt related to the confusion of living with a sexually addicted parent. Teenage Child of a Sexual Addict 3 and 5 Day Intensives held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado are available most Mondays through Wednesdays and Monday through Fridays.  Call to schedule your Intensive at (719) 278-3708.