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There are many women who have been in your situation. This is freeing to know that you are not alone and you don’t have to be. There are 12-Step support groups for partners of sex addicts. The people in these support groups can be a great help to you. Many of our clients have been helped greatly by these groups. You may feel uncomfortable the first few minutes, but after that, you will feel the warmth and support of women who can honestly nod their head when you say, “You know what I mean?”

Telephone Support Group

  • Topic based recovery groups
  • Confidential groups where you can be open and honest
  • Community that is committed to their recovery
  • Master Level Counselors who are personally trained by Dr. Doug Weiss

Office Support Group

  • Topic based recovery groups
  • Groups where you can be open and honest that are committed to recovery
  • Leaders who are committed to help you through your recovery 


If you are interested in attending a Partner group in our office in Colorado Springs, Colorado or attending a telephone therapy group lead by several clinicians in our office, please call our office at 719.278.3708 or e-mail at heart2heart@xc.org for a current schedule.

If you are interested in starting a Partner Group in your local church please contact us, so we can refer to your group.