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Lusted After

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  • Intimacy: A 100 Day Guide to Lasting Relationships


    Intimacy doesn’t need to be illusive! It’s time to recognize intimacy for what it is – a loving and lifelong process that you can learn and develop. Dr. Doug Weiss offers a 100-day practical plan that will energize your relationship and create a spiritual, emotional and physical closeness that you have hungered for in your marriage. You’ll identify destructive emotional roadblocks that keep you from experiencing exciting and satisfying intimate moments with your spouse. Develop a marathon mentality for your relationship, and take the next 100 days to fall in love all over again. In this book, you will discover:

    How to discuss your sexual desires

    Having spirituality that works in the bedroom

    How your “government style” can limit your intimacy

    Three daily exercises guaranteed to make love last

    How to set boundaries

    How to connect emotionally

    Practical steps to let go of your past


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  • Intimacy Anorexia: The Workbook

    This is like therapy in a box. You will be exposed to over 100 exercises that have already been proven helpful in Dr. Weiss’ practice of treating intimacy anorexia step by step the anorexia is taken from withholding intimacy to be able to give intimacy if they do these crucial exercises.

    Click here for a Sample


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  • 30-Day Marriage Makeover


    The 30-Day Marriage Makeover was designed to give readers a marriage makeover that will last a lifetime. Many feel as if everything has been done right with their spouses, yet something still seems to be missing. 30-Day Marriage Makeover shows readers how to re-energize their relationship and create the intimacy that many long for. In thirty days readers will be on the road to a passionate, healthy marriage—spiritually, emotionally and sexually—while learning how to make it all last a lifetime.


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  • Worthy Exercises & Step Book {all in one}

    If the lies of worthlessness have snuck into your soul and started to grow, then it means that worthlessness has roots somewhere in your life.

    This workbook has been a labor of love. I have seen countless people move from a lifestyle of worthlessness to worthy, and their lives have inspired me to write this. What you have here is a path that anyone can take to get and stay worthy. Follow this path, and you too will make the journey from worthless to worthy, just as others have. Click here for a Sample 

    Please note: This is a workbook to be used in conjunction with the Worthy DVD. It is not designed to be used alone. It is not a book. The DVD could be ordered alone, but the workbook cannot be purchased alone and used effectively because the information that needs to be filled out in the workbook and step book portions are dependent on the information in the DVD.

    The Worthy DVD can be found by clicking in the related items below.


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  • 7 Love Agreements Book


    This book helps develop faithfulness, patience, forgiveness, service, respect, kindness, and celebration, all of which contribute to an exciting, loving and wonderful relationship. Individually or as a couple, you can make choices that will foster your love for God and for your spouse. God made you with a big heart that is capable of incredible constructive achievements. Let your marriage be one of them!


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  • Steps to Sexual Health


    These 10 sessions of sexual education with Dr. Douglas Weiss includes: 1. Going for Gold Sex 2. Sexual Expression 3. Roadblocks to Sexual Success (Part 1) 4. Roadblocks to Sexual Success (Part 2) 5. How I Coped 6. Perpetrators 7. Sexual Histories 8. Healing our Histories 9. Your Sexual Guard 10. Sexual Agreement These sessions were taped in front of a live audience. This is perfect for public or private schools, churches or pregnancy centers or to train your own children. This is a professionally presented program for girls to be more prepared for life as a sexual person. Package includes is 3 DVD's and a workbook.


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  • Beyond the Bedroom


    This is the first book to discuss the issues of adult children of sex addicts as well as provide a road-map to recovery. You will also be exposed to research findings on the impact of being an adult child of a sexual addict.


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  • The 10-Minute Marriage Principle


    In this book, Dr. Weiss offers simple exercises that will deepen your relationship. These exercises include completing these statements: ”If I were writing a love letter to you today, it would say…” Weiss also presents solid insight into basic personality differences, sexual likes and dislikes, and establishing an intelligent way to make decisions together.


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  • Ministry of Kings and Queens: From Laity to Royality


    Each of us has a vital role to play in advancing God’s Kingdom. This book will radically change the way you see yourself and your purpose in life. Readers will understand that they are no longer laity but royalty!


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  • Unstuck

    This DVD is for every woman who has experienced the pain of their partner’s sex addiction or intimacy anorexia and feels stuck, confused, frustrated and unable to move on. You didn’t sign up for this and honestly, you don’t get it!

    This DVD helps you “get it” so you can process the painful reality you are in and start to live again. Getting stuck can rob you of living and loving well. Getting unstuck can help get you back to living and loving again at your full potential!


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  • Recovery for Everyone DVD Set


    This DVD series includes leadership training and fifty -10 minute segments for churches of any size to begin a Recovery for Everyone group in their local church. Your leadership can glean from Dr. Weiss’s 25 years of successfully seeing men and women recover from multiple addictions.

    The church is the solution for all strong holds and addiction a Christian may desire freedom from. Recovery for Everyone makes this journey to freedom practical and achievable for those willing to do the hard work of recovery.

    Click here for a Sample


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  • The Power of Pleasure


    This book exposes how everyone is uniquely designed for pleasure. These pages will reveal how to utilize pleasure in day-to-day life. Readers will be given a roadmap through pleasure history to capitalize on creating pleasure in the present and in the future.


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  • Get A Grip


    Get a Grip helps readers discover the source of their behaviors, learn how to let go of secrets and become an accountable and responsible adult who is finally empowered to live a life of freedom.


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  • AASAT Intimacy Anorexia Training DVD Set

    Intimacy Anorexia is one of the fastest growing issues facing counselors and the recovering community today.  Intimacy Anorexia is the emotional, spiritual and sexual withholding from a spouse. This DVD training series is the first and most in depth information and practical techniques to facilitate Intimacy Anorexia recovery.

    Topics related to treating Intimacy Anorexia that are covered in this training include:

    • Identify Intimacy Anorexia

    • Identify Causes of Intimacy Anorexia

    • Assess for Intimacy Anorexia and Comorbid Issues

    • Validate the pain of the spouse of an Intimacy Anorexic

    • Create a personal plan for Intimacy Anorexia recovery

    • Create a marital plan for Intimacy Anorexia recovery

    This training is the foundational building block for those seeking to get certified to treat Intimacy Anorexia. Intimacy Anorexia is showing up in clinical offices every day. This training is your first step in knowing what to do when an Intimacy Anorexic shows up in your office. You can be a leader in this field in your local area, restoring marriages from the impact of Intimacy Anorexia.


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  • AASAT Partners Recovery Training DVD Set

    This training includes a workbook and DVDs, and you will be exposed to academic, clinical and practical applications to identify and treat issues pertaining to partners of sexual addicts. Academically you will be exposed to research from the top authors in the field of sexual addiction. Clinically you will receive both theoretical and practical technique aspects for treating partners of sex addicts.

    Topics related to treating partners that are covered in this training include:

    • Partner Model
    • Partner Grief
    • Anger
    • Boundaries
    • Partners as Intimacy Anorexics
    • Reactive Intimacy Anorexia
    • Partner Worthlessness
    • Polygraph Questions
    • Separation
    • Sex in Recovery


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  • AASAT Sex Addiction Training DVD Set

    This 47 hour sex addiction training is comprehensive, academic, clinical and very practical. This training, in the form of 47-1 hour DVD’s is core for counselors or coaches* becoming certified in the field of sexual addiction recovery.

    In this DVD training series you will be exposed to academic, clinical and practical applications to identify and treat sexual addiction. Academically you will be exposed to research from the top authors in the field of sexual addiction. Clinically you will be exposed to both theoretical and the technique aspects of treating sex addicts and their partners.

    • The Six Types of Sex Addicts
    • Neurological Understanding
    • Sex and Recovery
    • Relapse Strategies
    • Partners Recovery
    • Intimacy/Sexual Anorexia
    • Behavior Treatment Plans for each type
    • Case Assessment
    • Comorbidity Issues
    • Adult Children of Sexual Addicts

    This training was designed for the clinician, the student, and anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of sexual addiction recovery. Thank you for investing the hours in improving your ability to help those who are impacted by and struggle with sexual addiction.


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  • Men Make Men

    Please note: the Guidebook is a workbook meant to be used as a companion to the DVD. It does not contain the information in the DVD in chapter form.

    Men Make Men – Volume: 1 DVD

    This DVD set is a powerful revelation on how God made man. Men will be truly inspired and challenged to become the unique man of God they were created to be.

    Dr. Weiss takes the listeners by the hand and step-by-step walks through the creative process God used to make every man into a man of God. This practical teaching on DVD combined with the Men Make Guidebook can revitalize the men in any home or local church.

    Men Make Men Guidebook

    This guidebook is a powerful tool combined with the Men Make Men DVD and can revitalize men individually or in a group in their local church. Men will be truly inspired and challenged to become the unique man of God they were created to be.

    Dr. Weiss takes the listeners by the hand and step-by-step walks them through the creative process God used to make every man into a man of God.

    You will realize you were not only created, you were uniquely created to change the world.


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  • Lusted After

    Most women have had an awkward moment at some point in their lives where they have been lusted after by a man. Sadly, these women have not been given any manner of information on how to interpret or understand this experience. Some women falsely blame themselves or assume some responsibility of these advances toward them.

    Lusted After will educate women on why men lust, why it is not their fault, and will empower them when an incident like this occurs. Every woman needs to be armed with the truths that Dr. Weiss outlines in Lusted After. After watching this DVD, you will have the tools to have a life that is untainted by lust.


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  • Sexless and Married


    Millions of couples are experiencing sexlessness in their marriages. Night after night they feel alone, unwanted and rejected by the very person who promised to love, honor and cherish them.

    Finally there are solutions! Dr. Weiss has been counseling sexless couples for the last 30 years and has put together the eight reasons why couples might be sexless and married as well as solutions for each reason for sexlessness.

    Many lives have already been changed by the principles revealed in this DVD set. It is our hope to help you move from sexless and married to a happily ever after.


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  • Miracle of Marriage

    You marriage is an amazing and unique miracle.  Dr. Weiss walks you through the creation and maintenance of your marriage.  You will be exposed to practical insight that can help make your marriage into God’s original design.

    Click here for a Sample


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