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  • Addict to Addict Video Download

    This amazing instant video has 8 addicts telling their stories through directed questions. These individuals address key issues along with their journey through recovery. A must DVD for every sex addict. Click here for a Sample


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  • After Infidelity Video Download

    The impact of infidelity on the marriage can be significant. Dr. Weiss has created this 3 part vide download, two for him and one for her, to help identify key points about the whys of infidelity, the types of cheaters, what can be done, trust but verify and how to start walking toward a healthy marriage. Click here for a Sample


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  • Helping her Heal Video Download

    This instant video is for the man who has disclosed his sexual addiction. Helping Her Heal offers practical tools for hearing her pain, navigating her grief and losses, discovering her expectations of you and the boundaries she may need to heal. This instant video can save you many long nights and ongoing counseling when these tools are applied. Take advantage of Dr. Weiss’ more than 20 years of professional experience counseling partners of sex addicts.

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  • Making Amends Video Download

    Making Amends is a Video download that was created for men who are working through their sexual addiction recovery and have reached Step 9 where they make amends to their wife. With this tool, you now have the opportunity to make your amends as successful and heartfelt as possible.


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  • Why Men Lie Video Download

    In this two-part instant video set Dr. Weiss will expose the viewer to specific reasons as to why men lie and helpful strategies to end the lying, This set shines light into the mind and heart of men that lie. Men lie for many reasons. This instant video set doesn’t justify why men lie but rather gives insight as to why, as well as hope that they can stop lying.  Click here for a Sample


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