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Thanks so much for your help.  You and the rest of your staff with Dr. Doug Weiss, with your expertise and understanding of the problems associated with a sexual addiction, are truly a light to those of us in what can feel like a very dark tunnel!  Thanks again.

First, I want to thank you so much for your help. My wife and I attended one of your three day intensives back in April and she is maintaining sobriety. Six months sober! I have continued to research sex addiction and am constantly impressed by how your program systematically addressed the addiction from the core, trauma issues, all the way thought urge control and daily development. It has been a huge blessing to watch my wife slowly emerge into a person again. So again thanks.

Just a quick note to say “thanks” is quite insufficient in communicating what I truly feel in my heart about Heart to Heart’s team. We just returned from Colorado Springs Thursday evening and are so grateful that you made this opportunity for us to attend the 3-Day Intensive. We are truly walking toward freedom and health one day at a time. This is the best thing we’ve ever done for ourselves, individually, as well as for our marriage. I don’t know the end of the story, but I know that I now have the tools to become healthy and whole. I’ve made a daily recovery plan and am strongly committed to it. Please know that you are making a difference…please don’t ever quit…your counseling center is so desperately needed. It has literally saved my life. Bless you in all you set your hands to do to bring the message of hope and freedom to those who are bound.

Today is one year exactly from when I showed up to Heart to Heart last year for a 3-Day Intensive. From that day till now, my life has changed so much. I walked into your intensive, alone, thinking my marriage was over when I arrived home. Those three days were hard but extremely valuable to me. When I got home, the next month was tough. We started doing dailies right away, I was attending one, in-person meeting per week and doing a telephone phone group on Thursday nights, as well as working my steps and exercises. Over the spring and summer I grew as a person so much, and continued to work the program. I am so happy and proud to report that the divorce was called off, we are living together, my wife has forgiven me, and I am a new man. You made many impactful statements to me in my time at the intensive, but a few really stick out. You also told me recovery was completely possible, but only possible if I was willing to do the work. You reminded that I wasn’t in this alone, it was now a WE thing. I am happy to report that my sobriety has remained intact. I have developed many great phone friendships from my Thursday group that has helped me so much in my recovery. I am so thankful for the work you have done to develop Heart to Heart to help people like me. You not only changed my life, but in part saved my life. Thank you.

I didn’t think it was possible in three days to feel positive about my recovery, hopeful about my marriage and feel I know where to go from here.

Thankful doesn’t begin to describe how I’m feeling about Dr. Weiss and this past week’s intensive. I arrived here thinking this was my last effort before leaving my husband and honestly wasn’t expecting much to happen but in just one day we made more progress and learned more than we have in over two years of marriage counseling. For the first time, my husband is understanding the pain and hurt I have felt, we are communicating and even praying together. The changes in my husband and even myself this week are astounding and I am actually going home feeling extremely hopeful for our marriage.

Before coming here I did not realize just how much I still needed to recover from everything. I learned so much from the sessions with Dr. Weiss and I feel like I’m now going home without the massive weight that I’ve been carrying around. I felt like we were coming here more for my husband and his issues but this week has unexpectedly been equally about me.

The Intensive was extremely to the point, quick and direct, practical and effective. The information and new concepts added lots of clarity – light bulbs kept going off for me. Super validating, encouraging and motivational. The intensive totally surpassed my hopes and expectations!

I am so grateful to God and to the team here that this time I wasn’t wrong about choosing a counselor! We have tried so many times from the very beginning of our marriage to get help. Doug, I thank you personally for being a true man of God and seeking to help heal marriages.

Dr. Doug’s compassion made a pretty hard experience more doable.

Dr. Doug brought me out from behind the walls I put around me so that I can have a clean and fruitful life with my wife. It was the best therapy I ever had. I enjoyed all the groups that I was involved in and the staff was very polite. I would recommend this to any couple going through this.

The practical teaching and information my husband received helped him change his mind. The practical teaching I have received confirmed and affirmed me. I appreciated Doug’s straight forward approach on each and every subject.

The private therapy was the best because I felt heard for the first time in years and I no longer feel insane. I wouldn’t have any hope if I hadn’t come here.


This intensive marked the first time I have been one hundred percent honest with myself, my wife and God about my addiction. The fact that I’m leaving with a concrete action plan with consequences for inaction or breaking any part of the plan gives me confidence that I will be able to succeed with God’s help.

Everything about this experience was effective and life changing! Doug Weiss is a genius who has assembled a great staff in a beautiful facility. I left feeling more hope than [I have felt] in the last 25 years.

Thank you so much for everything. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for this program and for what I learned. I will never forget this experience. Thank you and God Bless.

My counselor at Heart To Heart and their program assisted in setting me free from a 30+ year addiction. They are Christ-based and their programs work.

Not knowing what to expect, my husband and I were blown away by the caring, the detail and the plan to go forward, that we received after 3 intense days at Heart to Heart. I would recommend this center to ANYONE needing freedom and recovery for the many issues that come up in a marriage!

I have never experienced support groups with the level of feedback and accountability that I observed this past week here at Heart to Heart. It was inspiring and I am incredibly excited to join one of the phone groups to keep me connected and accountable long term.

For more information about intensives click here or call 719-278-3708

To contact us, call 719.278.3708 or email heart2heart@xc.org.