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  • Early Recovery Audio Download

    The Early Recovery Digital Audio series addresses the three aspects of couples recovery from the impact of sexual addiction.

    The following segments are included in the Early Recovery CD/Digital Audio Series.

    Segment 1: Type of sex addiction and treatment for each type.

    Segment 2: Validating of the partner's pain and trauma as well as steps for her to take

    Segment 3: Healing the marriage in a practical equipping style


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  • 6 Types of Sex Addicts Audio Download

    This audio download will give you more information than most therapists have on sexual addiction. You will be able to finally know how you became a sexual addict and identify why you might still be relapsing.


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  • Treatment for the 6 Types of Sex Addicts Audio Download

    Once you know the type of sex addict you are, Dr. Doug outlines the same treatment plan you would receive in an individual session.


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  • Final Freedom Audio Download

    This audio download gives more current information than many professional counselors have today. In addition to informing sex addicts and their partners about sex addiction, it gives hope for recovery. The information provided in this product would cost hundreds of dollars in counseling hours to receive. Many have attested to successful recovery from this information alone.


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  • Freedom Group Training Set Audio Download

    This 7 part audio download includes how to start a freedom group as well as The 6 Types of Sex Addicts and Treatment for the 6 Types of Sex Addicts.


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  • Raising Sexually Succsessful Teens Audio Download

    This 2 part audio download teaches you how to successfully talk to your teens about sexuality.


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  • Sex Men and God Audio Download

    Finally, this 3 part audio download is an encouraging message for men who want to be sexually successful! God is not against sexual pleasure in your marriage! In fact, He created it! So what is keeping you from experiencing the best of His creation? These downloads have clearly and creatively outlined practical, doable suggestions and principles that will help you enjoy your sexuality as God intended.


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