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  • Intimacy: A 100 Day Guide to Lasting Relationships


    Intimacy doesn’t need to be illusive! It’s time to recognize intimacy for what it is – a loving and lifelong process that you can learn and develop. Dr. Doug Weiss offers a 100-day practical plan that will energize your relationship and create a spiritual, emotional and physical closeness that you have hungered for in your marriage. You’ll identify destructive emotional roadblocks that keep you from experiencing exciting and satisfying intimate moments with your spouse. Develop a marathon mentality for your relationship, and take the next 100 days to fall in love all over again. In this book, you will discover:

    How to discuss your sexual desires

    Having spirituality that works in the bedroom

    How your “government style” can limit your intimacy

    Three daily exercises guaranteed to make love last

    How to set boundaries

    How to connect emotionally

    Practical steps to let go of your past


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  • Marriage Mondays

    This is an eight week marriage training that actually gives you the skills to have a healthy more vibrant marriage. Each week Dr. Weiss tackles major aspects of marriage from a biblical perspective. Apply these techniques and it will transform your marriage. This course provides couples to grow their marriages either in a small group setting or as their very own private marriage retreat. Download the free ebook at www.drdougweiss.com/marriagemondays

    Topics that are covered:
    – Power of Prayer
    – Praise
    – Fun
    – Feelings
    – What Government Aren't Thou
    – The 7 Love Agreements
    – Sex
    – Servant

    Click here for a sample


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  • Secret Solutions Workbook

    This is a practical recovery exercise workbook written specifically for female sex addicts. Many of these techniques have been used in private practice to help other female sex addicts. This is the most solution-oriented and practical workbook for female sexual addiction to date.

    Click Here for Sample


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  • After Infidelity

    The impact of infidelity on the marriage can be significant. Dr. Weiss has created 3 DVDS, two for him and one for her, to help identify key points about the whys of infidelity, the types of cheaters, what can be done, trust but verify and how to start walking toward a healthy marriage. Click here for a Sample


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  • Intimacy Anorexia: The Steps

    The Twelve Steps have helped millions heal from many types of addiction. This is the only Twelve Step workbook just for intimacy anorexia. Each step in the book gives intimacy anorexics progress in healing from intimacy anorexia.

    Click Here for Sample


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  • Emotional Fitness


    Everyone has an unlimited number of emotions, but few have been trained to identify, choose, communicate, and master them. More than a guide for gaining emotional fitness and mastery, in these pages you will find a pathway to a much more fulfilling life.
    When you are emotionally fit, you can…

    • Manage and change your emotions at will
    • Know what your emotions are
    • State your emotions respectfully
    • Feel your emotions without fear

    In just 60 days, Emotional Fitness can change who you are in love, family, friendship, and your profession—even change your entire life! You deserve to be emotionally fit, and now you can be…in just 60 days!

    Click Here for Sample



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  • 30-Day Marriage Makeover


    The 30-Day Marriage Makeover was designed to give readers a marriage makeover that will last a lifetime. Many feel as if everything has been done right with their spouses, yet something still seems to be missing. 30-Day Marriage Makeover shows readers how to re-energize their relationship and create the intimacy that many long for. In thirty days readers will be on the road to a passionate, healthy marriage—spiritually, emotionally and sexually—while learning how to make it all last a lifetime.


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  • Early Recovery

    The Early Recovery series addresses the three aspects of couples recovery from the impact of sexual addiction.

    The following segments are included in the Early Recovery series:

    Segment 1: Type of sex addiction and treatment for each type.

    Segment 2: Validating of the partner’s pain and trauma as well as steps for her to take

    Segment 3: Healing the marriage in a practical equipping style


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  • Calming the Storm of Anger

    This DVD set is for any woman who is currently or was in a relationship with a sexual addict. This set will be helpful for all women affected by a sex addict, no matter if she has just experienced disclosure, or if she received disclosure years ago. If anger is still an issue, this material can help with her healing.


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  • Married & Alone: The Steps

    Being married and alone is painful and has several losses.This guide is for the spouses of intimacy anorexics who are on the path to recovery. This Twelve Step guide will help the spouse of an intimacy anorexic work through the Twelve Steps that many others have found to be helpful in their recovery.

    Click Here for Sample


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  • Lust Free Living

    Every man can fight for and obtain a lust free lifestyle. Christ has already paid the price for it. The pages in this book give readers the arsenal to fight the lethal lies of lust by giving essential tips that will help readers get free and maintain a lust free lifestyle. Once readers learn how to stop lust, they will realize how weak lust really can be. God gave every man the power to protect his loved ones from the ravages of lust forever! It’s time to take it back!

    Click Here for Sample


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  • The 10-Minute Marriage Principle


    In this book, Dr. Weiss offers simple exercises that will deepen your relationship. These exercises include completing these statements: ”If I were writing a love letter to you today, it would say…” Weiss also presents solid insight into basic personality differences, sexual likes and dislikes, and establishing an intelligent way to make decisions together.


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  • AASAT Sex Addiction Training DVD Set

    This 47 hour sex addiction training is comprehensive, academic, clinical and very practical. This training, in the form of 47-1 hour DVD’s is core for counselors or coaches* becoming certified in the field of sexual addiction recovery.

    In this DVD training series you will be exposed to academic, clinical and practical applications to identify and treat sexual addiction. Academically you will be exposed to research from the top authors in the field of sexual addiction. Clinically you will be exposed to both theoretical and the technique aspects of treating sex addicts and their partners.

    • The Six Types of Sex Addicts
    • Neurological Understanding
    • Sex and Recovery
    • Relapse Strategies
    • Partners Recovery
    • Intimacy/Sexual Anorexia
    • Behavior Treatment Plans for each type
    • Case Assessment
    • Comorbidity Issues
    • Adult Children of Sexual Addicts

    This training was designed for the clinician, the student, and anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of sexual addiction recovery. Thank you for investing the hours in improving your ability to help those who are impacted by and struggle with sexual addiction.


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  • AASAT Partners Recovery Training DVD Set

    This training includes a workbook and DVDs, and you will be exposed to academic, clinical and practical applications to identify and treat issues pertaining to partners of sexual addicts. Academically you will be exposed to research from the top authors in the field of sexual addiction. Clinically you will receive both theoretical and practical technique aspects for treating partners of sex addicts.

    Topics related to treating partners that are covered in this training include:

    • Partner Model
    • Partner Grief
    • Anger
    • Boundaries
    • Partners as Intimacy Anorexics
    • Reactive Intimacy Anorexia
    • Partner Worthlessness
    • Polygraph Questions
    • Separation
    • Sex in Recovery


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  • AASAT Intimacy Anorexia Training DVD Set

    Intimacy Anorexia is one of the fastest growing issues facing counselors and the recovering community today.  Intimacy Anorexia is the emotional, spiritual and sexual withholding from a spouse. This DVD training series is the first and most in depth information and practical techniques to facilitate Intimacy Anorexia recovery.

    Topics related to treating Intimacy Anorexia that are covered in this training include:

    • Identify Intimacy Anorexia

    • Identify Causes of Intimacy Anorexia

    • Assess for Intimacy Anorexia and Comorbid Issues

    • Validate the pain of the spouse of an Intimacy Anorexic

    • Create a personal plan for Intimacy Anorexia recovery

    • Create a marital plan for Intimacy Anorexia recovery

    This training is the foundational building block for those seeking to get certified to treat Intimacy Anorexia. Intimacy Anorexia is showing up in clinical offices every day. This training is your first step in knowing what to do when an Intimacy Anorexic shows up in your office. You can be a leader in this field in your local area, restoring marriages from the impact of Intimacy Anorexia.


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  • Letters to my Daughter

    Letters to my Daughter includes my letters to my daughter during her first year of college. From time management to advice on friends and relationships, this book gives young women fatherly advice and tools they need to succeed in their teen and adolescent years. With the blessing of my daughter, I am sharing these conversations and pray that the letters bless and encourage you to become an awesome child of God during your college days.

    Click Here for Sample


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  • Miracle of Marriage

    You marriage is an amazing and unique miracle.  Dr. Weiss walks you through the creation and maintenance of your marriage.  You will be exposed to practical insight that can help make your marriage into God’s original design.

    Click here for a Sample


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  • Addict to Addict

    This amazing DVD has 8 addicts telling their stories through directed questions. These individuals address key issues along with their journey through recovery. A must DVD for every sex addict. Click here for a Sample


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  • Partner to Partner

    This amazing DVD has 8 partners of sex addicts telling their stories through directed questions. Why they are not to blame? How to trust again? What if he relapses? Sex and recovery and so much more. A must DVD for every spouse of a sex addict. Click here for a Sample


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  • Beyond the Bedroom


    This is the first book to discuss the issues of adult children of sex addicts as well as provide a road-map to recovery. You will also be exposed to research findings on the impact of being an adult child of a sexual addict.


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