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  • Men Make Men Video Download

    These videos contain a powerful revelation on how God made man. Men will be truly inspired and challenged to become the unique man of God they were created to be.

    Dr. Weiss takes the listeners by the hand and step-by-step walks through the creative process God used to make every man into a man of God. This practical teaching on video combined with the Men Make Guidebook can revitalize the men in any home or local church.
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  • Sex & Authority Video Download

    This DVD is essential in undertaking the role of spiritual and practical intersession for individuals, churches, cities or nations. This DVD challenges men to move from the prayer closet into the practical ministry of healing those sexually trapped in the body of Christ.


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  • Sexual Freedom Class

    This class is for men who tried to stop pornography or other sexual behavior and failed or promised and failed. You can live a life free from sexual behaviors. Dr. Weiss has been free for over 30 years. This is a five-session class (five downloadable videos and 5 PDF worksheets) which consolidates what you need to know right now to get and stay free your entire life.

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  • Worthy Video Download

    This Worthy Series is designed for anyone who has struggled with doubting their amazing worth.  Dr. Weiss’s insightful and pragmatic journey to worthy is one every believer should experience. You are worth this journey so you can realize what others see – your worth! Click here for a sample


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  • Born for War Video Download

    This is a road map through the sexual traps this generation faces. The enemy has increased the battle that every young man encounters daily in the most sexual culture in world history. “Born for War” teaches practical tools to defeat these sexual landmines and offers scriptural truths that empower young men to desire successfulness in the war thrust upon them. Dr. Weiss has helped many men defeat the enemy sexually. In this three-part instant video set he equips this generation to win the war for their destiny. This three-part instant video set also includes 1 session for parents to support their son through this battle. Click here for a Sample


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  • Now That I Know What Should I Do Video Download

    When you find out your husband is a sex addict you will have questions. Dr. Weiss has been listening to women’s heartfelt questions like:

    • How did he get this way?
    • Am I to blame?
    • What does recovery look like?
    • Is he an Intimacy Anorexic?

    These questions and so many more are answered in a thorough and practical manner. Your pain and betrayal are real and are addressed in this DVD series. You deserve the best answer to your questions and in just under 2 hours you can have them answered for you. Click here for a Sample


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  • Calming the Storm of Anger Video Download

    This two-part instant video set is for any woman who is currently or was in a relationship with a sexual addict. This set will be helpful for all women affected by a sex addict, no matter if she has just experienced disclosure, or if she received disclosure years ago. If anger is still an issue, this material can help with her healing.


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  • Marriage Mondays Video Download

    This is an eight week marriage training that actually gives you the skills to have a healthy more vibrant marriage. Each week Dr. Weiss tackles major aspects of marriage from a biblical perspective. Apply these techniques and it will transform your marriage. This course provides couples to grow their marriages either in a small group setting or as their very own private marriage retreat.

    Download the free ebook at www.drdougweiss.com/marriagemondays

    Topics that are covered:
    – Power of Prayer
    – Praise
    – Fun
    – Feelings
    – What Government Aren’t Thou
    – The 7 Love Agreements
    – Sex
    – Servant

    Click here for a sample


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  • Princes take Longer than Frogs Video Download

    This two-part instant video set helps single women ages 15-30, to successfully navigate through the season of dating. Dr. Weiss’s “Princes Take Longer Than Frogs” is a faith-based discussion broken up into several segments including: Characteristics of Princes and Frogs, Lies Women Believe, Dating, Accountability, Boundaries, Sex and the Brain and so much more.

    Click here for a Sample


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  • Successfully Single Video Download

    This 2 part video download Series is definitely nothing you have heard before. Dr. Weiss charts new territory as to the why for sexual purity. He takes your singleness and places it in the context of your destiny. This series is practical and can be watched individually or in a group. Click here for a Sample


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  • Best Sex Men Video Download

    This instant video is a must for every Christian man. You are practically and passionately walked through Christian sexuality that really works. For over a decade couples have been using these principles and techniques to radically improve their love life.


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  • Bes Sex Woman Video Download

    This instant video is a must for every Christian woman. You are practically and passionately walked through Christian sexuality that really works. For over a decade couples have been using these principles and techniques to radically improve their love life.


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  • How to Really Love a Woman Video Download

    In this 12 part DVD series, you will be exposed to tried and true principles to help you learn how to really love a woman. These 30 minute sessions are easily and immediately applicable. Begin to love your spouse the way you wished you could. Dr. Weiss’ practical tools will make you more successful at loving your spouse.


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  • Recovery for Everyone Video Download

    This video includes 50 different leadership training segments for churches of any size to begin a “Recovery for Everyone” group in a church or organization. Any church or group leadership can benefit from learning about Dr. Weiss's 25 years of successfully seeing men and women recover from multiple addictions.

    The church is the solution for all strongholds and addictions any Christian may desire freedom from. Recovery for Everyone makes this journey to freedom practical and achievable for those willing to work hard and achieve recovery.

    Click here for a Sample


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  • Dating Again Video Download

    This 2 hour video download set was produced for divorced women who desire to date again. Dr. Weiss has more than 20 years of professional experience counseling women. These women, divorced due to their husband’s sex addiction, are given tools such as pragmatic principles to help navigate through dating again.


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  • Partner to Partner Video Download

    This amazing instant video has 8 partners of sex addicts telling their stories through directed questions. Why they are not to blame? How to trust again? What if he relapses? Sex and recovery and so much more. A must DVD for every spouse of a sex addict. Click here for a Sample


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  • Lust Free Living Video Download

    Every man can fight for and obtain a lust free lifestyle. Christ has already paid the price for it. The pages in this book give you the arsenal to fight the lethal lies lust tells you by giving you tips that will help you get free and maintain a lust free lifestyle. You are a mighty man of God. Once you know how to stop lust, you will realize how weak lust really can be. God gave you the power to protect those you love from the ravages of lust for the rest of your life! It’s time to take it back! Click here for a Sample


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  • Clean Video Download

    This instant video exposes you to many tired and true spiritual truths with very practical applications. You and your church are about to take an amazing journey towards God’s insights for your freedom. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Clean book and Clean: The Journal. This set can be used individually or in a church small group or accountability group.


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  • Intimacy Anorexia Video Download

    This is the most current information of identifying the characteristics of Intimacy Anorexia and outlining the beginning steps of recovery for the Anorexic to do together with their spouse and exercises for themselves. This information on this instant video has helped thousands of couples to understand the reasons for the lack of intimacy in their marriage. Click here for a sample


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  • Married and Alone Video Download

    This is for the spouse of an intimacy/sexual anorexic. You feel disconnected, untouched and often unloved. You are not crazy and Dr. Weiss will help you to start a journey of recovery from living with a spouse with intimacy/sexual anorexia. Click here for a Sample


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