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Worthy Exercises & Step Book {all in one}

If the lies of worthlessness have snuck into your soul and started to grow, then it means that worthlessness has roots somewhere in your life.

This workbook has been a labor of love. I have seen countless people move from a lifestyle of worthlessness to worthy, and their lives have inspired me to write this. What you have here is a path that anyone can take to get and stay worthy. Follow this path, and you too will make the journey from worthless to worthy, just as others have. Click here for a Sample 

Please note: This is a workbook to be used in conjunction with the Worthy DVD. It is not designed to be used alone. It is not a book. The DVD could be ordered alone, but the workbook cannot be purchased alone and used effectively because the information that needs to be filled out in the workbook and step book portions are dependent on the information in the DVD.

The Worthy DVD can be found by clicking in the related items below.


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