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Partners of sex addicts need an advocate to call upon. Feelings of fear, hurt, anger, betrayal, and grief require a compassionate effective response. We provide that expert guidance and direction. We offer help for partners of sex addicts to heal through sessions that get them answers to their many questions including: “How can I trust him again?” An appointment today can begin your personal journey toward healing.

Partners or wives living with a sex addict typically report common feelings, such as aloneness, the sense that the partner can’t open up and tell you about his “real” self. The confusion comes as a result of doing certain behaviors that are still not enough and hopelessness that there isn’t enough. Anger from many unmet needs, as a person and as a woman, are often common. Many of these issues are addressed in the following books and DVDs.

Even if the addict stays in denial of their addiction, there is sex addiction help for partners and support. The feelings of anger, loss, loneliness and many other feelings encountered over the years of living with this addiction will affect a person. These feelings need to be dealt with therapeutically whether they stay married to the addict or not. If you would like a more information on a counseling appointment, call (719) 278-3708.

Are You the Partner of a Sex Addict?

You may be struggling with what you believe to be the warning signs of your spouse’s sex addiction.  Answer the following questions about your spouse’s behavior:

1. Does your spouse have unaccountable money?

2. Does your spouse have a history of emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect?

3. Does sex appear to not satisfy him/her (wants more right away or there never seems to be enough)?

4. Is there a sense that he’s/she’s “got their fix and now it’s better”?

5. Does your spouse’s mood depend on whether he/she gets sex or not?

6. Are there many arguments over sex?

7. Do you feel alone during your sexual encounters?

8. Do they have what looks like a double life?

If you answer yes to several of these questions call our office for an appointment to start recovery.

Partners Intensive

This intensive is for those who need to address the impact of being in a relationship with a sex addict. This solution-driven intensive can help make recovery smoother and much more attainable in a shorter period of time. Your individual intensive will focus on the specific areas you need to address for your healing. You’ll be given precise tools to target these issues in your current situation. This intensive would include three individual therapy sessions, with time each day during your sessions to work on assignments. Structured assignments are given to work on during your own time. Attendance is encouraged in our office support groups in the evening. The Partners 3 and 5 Day Intensives are held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado and are available most Mondays through Wednesdays and Monday through Fridays.

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Books and DVDs for Partners